Furnace service life help needed with estimates

I know that no home inspector can nor should predict the remaining life of any heating system but is would be helpful to note in the report the “typical design life” of the heating system.

Forced Air - Gas?
Forced Air - Propane?
Hot Water Boilers?
Steam Boilers?
Electric Radiant Heat?
In floor heat?

This is what prompted this post: Home Buyer had a concern about the age of the furnace in the report. Can you double check that and advise.
This is how it was reported:

  1. Heating System Operation: Functional at the time of inspection Last service date 2004,
    Furnace nearing the end of its design life, Recommend further evaluation by a licensed HVAC contractor
  2. Manufacturer: Carrier
  3. Model Number: 58SX080-BC-1 Serial Number: 4186A08293
  4. Type: Forced air Capacity: 88,000 BTU/Hr input
  5. Area Served: Whole house Approximate Age: 1986
  6. Fuel Type: Natural gas
  7. Heat Exchanger: 4 Burner Sealed heat exchanger, unable to gain access to the inside. Inspection performed from the site glass. It is recommended to have an annual heating system check-up by a qualified, licensed HVAC contractor.

I have component life expectancies listed here.

Very nice website. Thanks!

I have component life expectancies listed on my website also, but in a different form. Click on my website below to view.