Furnace Upside Down

I have a home that has a Bryant furnace that is installed upside down so that it is a down draft for ductwork under the slab. There was no documentation available to tell if the unit is approved for this installation. Any help would be great. Thanks.

Carrier Model #
Serial #

Is it Bryant or Carrier? Nonetheless, armed with the model number, you can check online. It looks like it was manufactured in 2001, so it is highly likely that it’s one of those that can be installed upside down. I had one a couple of years ago, and my Client looked it up online while I was doing the inspection. Found the installation manual with all the pictures and everything and confirmed that it could be installed upside down, as long as everything else was done correctly.

Look at the burners, label on furnace means nothing if upside down.

According to the installations instructions for the 355MAV it is a 4 way multipoise installation. Meaning: Upflow, downflow, left horizontal or right horizontal installation allowed.