Furnace Vent

Need help.

I’m a Realtor/Mortgage Broker on a purchase deal and we just had our inspection. The inpector mentioned that the flue needs to be free all the way through the attic to the outside. The sleeve shown in the pic, should not be used.

The flue vent does exit to the outside. Is this just his prefernece? The structure (condo in San Diego, CA) was built in 1964.




I’m not sure what he means by “free,” but the Transite vent should be replaced with a steel b-vent.

That is not a sleeve, it’s a Transite vent. Transite vents develop cracks that can allow heat to escape and create a potential fire hazard.

Jeff is correct the transite vent pipe should be repalaced due the age alone.
Also single wall vent pipe is not allowed to pass through attics.

What he means by free is that their must be a 1 inch clearence around the flute pipe.

In this case, the steel vent is connected to a Transite (asbestos-cement) vent pipe. The steel pipe is not running through the Transite pipe.