Furnce mfr & age

Could someone help please? - I need age and manufacturer.

Conventional furnace, Data plate says:
Model No. 867.767052
Serial No. L903327042

The A/C condensing unit outside is a “Kenmore”, no name plate or other markings on the furnace itself.

Thanks in avdance,
Jess Alvarez

It could be an ICP product according to my search:

Sorry, not very helpfull, but a start at least

I couldn’t find 867.767052 but I found 867.7670**51

**Sears manufactured between89’ and 91
150000 BTU

Hey guys,
Thank you for your efforts, its very much appreciated, and you make me look good to my client!

Yes, Kenmore is a Sears product. November 1990.

Just thinking. . . where did you find the info on the furnace, it would be nice to do this myself. . .

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