Fuse box service panels: what do you recommend?

There’s the Edison bases that will accept any amperage T-type Edison fuse, which I’m calling obsolete, potentially hazardous and strongly recommending be upgraded to a modern service panel.

Then there’s the Rejection (S) type base that will only accept fuses of the proper amperage. I’m calling those outdated and still recommending upgrade to a modern service because there’s no single disconnect and more than likely require removal of more than 6 fuses (although I’m not sure how that applies, I don’t mention it in the narrative).
Anyone else do anything different? Comments?

Yes…I would report on this:

It depends, is the buyer color blind or not :smiley:

Kenton… you know recommendation will vary… some will write it up, some will say “seviceable”. What do you think :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

IMO, many clients will have no idea until… so, a good report would explain what was found (old style fused panel), why it’s considered obsolete, what can happen, and why upgrading is recommended. Such old panel often comes with a lot of other outdated/obsolete electrical components. Such narrative will provide enough information to let the client decide whether or not to upgrade and how to prioritize it.

Are you working on narratives V2.0 :slight_smile:

Sort of, Simon. Because of its size, my HomeGauge template was causing their mobile version (Companion) to crash, so I’m going through the entire thing, moving some narratives back to the Global list, consolidating them or eliminating them where I can.

I’m also looking at what I’ve written for various things and making improvements where I can. “Improvements” includes shortening them where I can, either by using better wording or removing unnecessary wording (I had already take out a lot of "…at the time of the inspection, but missed a few). Sometimes I add a short version where there’s only one fairly long version (Aluminum Wiring) to give users a choice. I’m also adding links to reference pages on my website with the eventual goal of giving InspectApedia a run for its money and giving inspectors access to reference they can consult during the inspection.

Improvements will eventually find their way into templates for the other software. It’s not a huge change in the overall Library like it was in 2015 and 2018.

I’m working with one software company with the idea of including access to a page of thumbnail photos… say, asphalt shingle problems. When they see the one that matches what they’re looking at on the roof, they select it, it automatically puts the appropriate narrative into proper place in the report, the photo expands expands, and the included text tells the user what typically causes the problem and where to look for/recognize it in the future. Won’t be available soon, through.

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It would depend on the type of fuse panel. Whether it is serviceable, recalled, hazardous, overloaded, incorrect fuses etc

Nothing wrong with fuses only when the user uses the incorrect fuse. I have a brand new disconnect with a buss fuse.

I like the shingle idea.
Side note - An Insurance company didn’t want to insure my house because it had T-Lok type shingles on part of the house. I believe because they are obsolete and if one is damaged they don’t want to pay for a whole roof or maybe because they had a history of leakage. Who knows.