fused neutral

Thought I would share this knob & tube “sub-panel” found in a 1904 attic today. At some point the fuses appear to have been by-passed with the loom covered jumpers.

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Sweet Charles,

I have only ever seen those in old catalogues before, nice picture you seem to be comming across some very strange stuff these days, I love it :wink:



That is a good one.

very nice

nice pic. i’d call it out. Electrical fusing device by-passed, not it’s intended use. was the k&t still live?

still live-----all electrical to be replaced

I found one of those a few years ago on one of my first inspections. Threw me for a loop. Unfortunately, I was not into taking digital photos at that time so although I think I took a picture, the picture magically disappeared somewhere between the inspection site and the report. As a history buff, I love finding this old stuff.


Nice find.

This is another OLDIE, that I found last year…

my parents still have the k&t in there house. it’s been upgraded to modern breakers and all new wiring thoug. found this in the walls during the kitchen remodel. check out the date. it’s “Sunday Boston Globe May 29, 1921”. that’s when it was a summer cattage. converted to year round sometime in the 50’s.


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isn’t it ironic that what WE call Nice…and Nic Pic…the same thing we yell at the client to remove…thehehehe…Just found it funny…I know…I know…just found it funny in an ironic kinda way

I’m kinda in a Gerry Mood tonight…thehehehehhe


I’ll have what you just had…Please.

I was told by an electrician one time that the reason that the IBEW union was started was to take care of the widows of the electricians that died trying to figure out electricity.

These pics help me understand that more.

My granddad told me the exact same thing 35 years ago.

Thats actually a good thing (assuming the hot wires are still fused) considering a fused neutral can be a very dangerous thing … especially for an electrician working on that system. With a blown neutral fuse ya have what appears to be a dead circuit, but in reality the hot wire is still live … :shock:

JMO & 2-nickels … :wink: