fuses and FPE panels

I thought these 2 panels would be good ones to post.

I already reported on and want to open for discussion.

If inspecting these panels I would like to hear how you would report.

Please describe the service and report on the conditions. Also would like to hear your recommendations.

Do it like you would for a client.

See pics.

191011 A 057 (Small).JPG

191011 A 058 (Small).JPG

191011 A 059 (Small).JPG

This panel was in the hall on the same house as the above panels and when you closed the panel cover it shut off the power to the 2 fuses with the white buttons.

Would like to ask about the fuses with the white buttons. Is the white button a reset, are these style usable in certain situations?

191011 A 043 (Small).JPG

Those white button are reset buttons. Someone has replaced the standard plug fuses with a plug fuse style circuit breaker.


Problem is they are made in china.
Would you want a fuse made in china in your home?
I think not!:frowning:

Why not that’s where all of the circuit breakers are made. :mrgreen:

And my TVs and my cell phone and my Shoes.
We need trade with the world . Some times things in North America are not made correctly also … Roy

Can you get CSA approval on this type of fuse yet?:smiley:

If things do not have UL or CSA then they are not approved for sale or use in Canada.
There was a bunch of bad cords and they where not approved NFG .

Fuses are more reliable than breakers … :wink:

And IMO any FPE panel needs an evaluation by a professional, with a written determination on signed letterhead, and clients should budget for replacement due to a known history of problems.

They wont get insurance if they are down here in Florida. Citizens is the only one insuring most older homes and they do not want to see fuses any more. Simple write up. Replace