Is the presence of a fuse box cause for calling for replacement / updating on a four point inspection? Or are they still allowed in certain cases?

Up to the insurance company.
Some companies may have the opinion they are obsolete & require replacement.
I do not recommend replacement/updating on a 4 Point.
I just report it & have a nice day. :slight_smile:

I never recommend anything. If it is working fine then I am fine with it. Again let the pictures do the talking :slight_smile:

I only advise and recommend to the client when doing a 4Point in conjunction with a Home Inspection. Amazing how many Sellers will replace the panel knowing it will probably be an insurability issue for the Buyer. As to the 4 Point report like Michael says never recommend just report.

Just like Bob and Mike M stated report what you see on a 4PT unless if in conjuction to a HI.

I sometimes mention to purchasers that their insurance underwriter MAY require them to update to breaker panel — I do not state that it needs to be replaced, because in many circumstances it does not.

How many fuse boxes have you seen where the 15 amp fuses were replaced with 20 amp fuses and the 20 amp fuses were replaced with 30 amp fuses. 99% of the one I see have been. What is that telling you?