FYI- I did not review the 3rd or 4th Edition

Hello All,

Just a quick reminder. While I did review and assist with the 1st and 2nd edition of the “how to perform electrical inspections” book I had nothing to do with the 3rd and 4th editions so any changes, references and so on was not by my review. Just in case !

I should add…I am more than 100% sure it is still a great document and all facts and updates were validated. I am just saying it was not done by me as someone just sent me an email asking me that and so I figured I should post that.

Just did the advanced Paul! But it just was not the same without you.:frowning:

It’s always good to hear from you Paul. Take care and be safe.

Probably a good reason for that.

Hmm…what are you saying Kenton?

Then I would suggest they remove my name from future printings , otherwise it is misleading.

I agree. Thanks for the heads up, Paul.