FYI - Vets and Home Inspections

Just received this

O great thats all we need is another 50,000 people in our profession…

They visited me.


And I’m not sweating them.

Time for a new logo-Certified Veteran Home Inspector

Time for InterNACHI members to start their own for-profit, international inspection company. Participants would all get shares of stock. We could run it parallel to our existing local inspection companies.

Hmmmm, resistance is futile…:twisted:

Guide me and it shall be started. Just point me in the right direction and watch me go…

Great idea we need a good large Inspection Company .
Just cut the pie into more smaller pieces.

They will be wasting their, and the feds, money. Agents are selling homes “as is” and most all homes are not getting inspections.

Only way to get millions of homes inspected is to mandate them. Never will happen. I wonder what the NAR has to say.

Read the comments after the article. There is where the true reality lies.

Now I understand why they purchased PVS.