G.C. Continuing ed credit for wind mit course?

Did any of you get credit for any of your G.C. continuing ed for the wind mit course? I tried and did not. I sent it to them a few times and think nachi did as well and a min of 3 weeks have passed since the first time I sent it. Went right through for my Inspector CE.

Anyone know of a fairly interesting online way to get you G.C. CE’s I do not know if it is possible or not but I would love to find a course that does not make you sit on each page for a predetermined amount of time. I would like to go at my own pace if possible. I am pretty sure the aholes that regulate that stuff have made that impossible but I do not know for sure.

Any suggestions for a well done course including everything you need in 1 payment would be greatly appreciated. Please post link if you have one.

Anyone try pace?

I’ve used PACE for many years.

$89 for both.
Check Package 8 out
Contractor / Home Inspector / General

The contractor’s institute. You will have sit through each slide.

Thanks guys. I think I used contractors institute last time if I remember correctly.


Hows the sound quality? It was a little rough on the sample site. I imagine I could tweek it a bit but it seemed to have to much bass. Did you find it at least interesting?


Are you no longer a member and not intending to renew or just got around to it?

I tried to call you on the phone to explain it but no answer

Well I just looked and my phone is not here.

It must be in the wife’s car. Thanks Roy I appreciate it and will call you sometime tomorrow in the afternoon. They got me cooking dinner now :slight_smile:

I have asked my office to take care of it. I believe they did it yesterday

Hi, Michael. Please send me an email with your GC license #, and I’ll double-check our system to confirm that your CE data was uploaded to DBPR. ben@internachi.org. I can also manually upload the data and force it into their system. I can also send you a confirmation code from DBPR when your CE data is uploaded from InterNACHI’s system. It’s pretty much all automatic and flawless.

Be sure that you’ve entered all license #s into InterN’s system, prior to taking the course’s final exam. Enter license #s at http://www.nachi.org/state-licenses.htm or just prior to downloading your FL certificate of completion for that course.

And InterNACHI’s “Wind Mitigation” course is online, free for members, and you learn at your pace. Go as fast as you want.

Here’s the actual approval letter from CILB of our course: http://www.nachi.org/fl-cilb-approved-course-provider.htm

Thanks Ben. They called me today and they have not gotten it from you guys or me. I do not know what their issue is. Thanks in advance for trying. Email sent :slight_smile: This way if they do get I can build my own course with Pace and not go over the same ole same ole.

Still nothing listed on their site. I guess I’ll just have to do it again in the pace course :frowning:

Yeah :slight_smile: Now I am done for 2 years.

What a waste of time and money doing that for 2 licenses.

It is useless for any licenses and the government should be ashamed of themselves for requiring such nonsense. Just another way to keep government employees around and to make a buck.

Anyone want to know what I learned during my continuing education for both licenses??? I even took classes where I hoped to learn something.