Gable calculations

If these were the only gables on a home and the sides and rear were all hip, what gable length would you use to calculate the percentage for a wind mitigation?

I would use the base of the four gables.

Good one John – I would be inclined to use only the yellow 40’ – but the correct method is probably to add the 20’ garage, 10’ entry and the 14’ left side gable for a total of 44’. I would not add the raised gable measurement as it overlaps the other roof lines. Overall it probably wouldn’t matter since the roof will likely be classified as a non-hip without doubling the entry measurement.

Very good example you found.

I don’t believe that would be correct, the higher gable extends over the garage and the left side gable, this would be added twice according to York.

I would go with the yellow 40’. If you add them all up you may get close to exceding the entire perimeter. Lots of gables.


I sure wish it was “Windy” in TN so I could play!..