Gable Install

Comments on this addition roof install? Two gables facing the same direction.


Looks like an attemp at a butterfly roof. Not what I would want in snow country (snow collection and ice/ water backup) but I suppose it could be used for water collection in some climates. Any debris is just going to sit there and rot.

Looks like a water leak waiting to happen. Could be a butterfly roof?

Peter, I have seen them here a few times, being in a desert climate there was no problem.

Actually it is a good way to monitor the mineral loss from the roof accumulating in the valley…:smiley:

Bad design. I assume the builder probably likes to canoe. But that’s probably modified bitumen in the valley center. The rolls are a little more than 3 feet wide and I think least 33 feet long which prevented them from having a seam. And it looks like they left it long at the corners which is good. Makes me think of that song>> Rollin / Rollin / Rollin on a river. You guys are probably to young to remember that song though.

No we are not, and a Butterfly Roof design sucks no matter what Geographic Area it is in.

Marcel:) :slight_smile: :smiley:

Makes it hard to fall of the roof and hurt yourself when shingling that part of the roof. That is about the only advantage I can think of for a butterfly roof. Everything else is just …-X

It will leak. I did one just like it last year and the roof structure was rotted.

Especially if there was no slope at all on the butterfly. Shreveport gets a hell of a lot of rain and I have been there when it has been pretty cold too.

Many roofers call that a blind valley (blind alley, box canyon). Stupid idea.