Gable or Hip?

Found this neat little house with a weird roof shape today… what you guys think? Obviously PINK = HIP, RED = GABLE… but what about the yellow? In the last picture you can clearly see it angles upward at the same pitch as the hip section… and if you were to extend it out to a corner it would clearly be hip. The other pictures make it appear to be a gable though…

I’d consider it a Non-Hip feature.

My opinion based on photos NON hip


Marshall says “non-hip”!
Although, he did get one wrong finally last week! :slight_smile:

I hope he is as quick in Med school or something other than our trade :slight_smile:

Best of luck to him. It sure is fun isn’t it.

The other day my little one asked me how I knew my foot was busted.

She said when you were were over there on the floor rolling around.

I said because it looked odd and hurt like heck.

I suspect young Marshall will never have to climb in an attic!

He says, “I want to be a doctor…a brain doctor”!

Here he is practicing on Daddys knee!

Still looks like a rake edge - Non-hip

Good for him he has my vote .

Way to go…
Itry to keep mine interested in medicine as much as possible.
That is why i videoed my staples and cast. for her to see.
i also will get all the xrays on next trip.

One thing for sure she knows she does not want to break her heel :slight_smile: