Gable or Hip?

I am still learning how to distinguish hip vs. gable on some roof features. My partner and I were discussing this type of feature. Is this all hip, gable to the left of the gutter downspout and hip to the right, or considered all gable?

This will make it easier:'Non-hip feature", which is anything that isn’t a hip. :wink:

If it isn’t a hip, then you are going to have to measure it, but probably not if there is another “non-hip feature” in the front of the house, the same length as this one.

Hip to the right of the downspout, and gable to the left (measured horizontally without overhang).

Rule to remember: If fascia or roof line is horizontal (eave), and the slope is greater than or equal to 2/12, that section is Hip (if < 2/12 = flat). If the roof line is a rake (with slope > 2/12), that section is gable. Mansards or “flat tops” have their own roof line (roof perimeter) at the transition point of the flat roof, even if there is no fascia or flashing.

Easy rule; thanks!

Lost me on that one Brad, is that from a written standard somewhere? > or < 2&12 is the cutoff point between low slope and steep slope for some types of roof-covering materials, but I’ve never heard of it being an identification factor for hip and gable roofs. Flat is closer to 1/4" per foot. I’d consider a 1.5 & 12 a low slope roof rather than flat.

Kenton, you are referencing typical building standards and definitions. This guideline is for determining roof shape on a wind mitigation form established by the insurance industry. Very often the building industry and the insurance industry clash on many items. And, yes, the insurance community considers a roof slope with < 2/12, to be a flat roof. Low slope is actually between 2/12 and 4/12, with different underlayment requirements according the Florida Building Code.

Insurance rules the world…in Florida anyway

Oh OK, thanks. Yep, Florida is different than many other states, kind of like Texas in that respect.

There like the Tiki Gods LOL!!!

They are ruining the world if you ask me :frowning: