gable vents relating to wind mitigation

I’ve drawn a blank and lent my msfh manual to an agent… I would appreciate some feedback from other experienced mitigation inspectors…Does a gable vent need to have the same shutter system to qualify for class a hurricane rating on the opening protection portion?

Yes the gable vents require the same opening protection as other openings do.

Here is a link to the online manual.

That a good questioned. If you look at questioned 8, exterior openings include but not limited to doors ,garage doors, skylights etc. which means all openings to the building. I was instructed to call gable ends vents not covered as an opening that needed to be ccovered. But on the other hand, it is a vent, so what about ridge vent, off rige vents or soffits are all openings to the house so would you call them as well.

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