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Hello All

Sorry to have been away for awhile, but I have been out of commission due to an injury. I wanted to start this post in order to let you all know that while I am going to be out of the game for an as yet undetermined time, I will be forced to return to my previous line of work before becoming a home inspector. That line of work was in the Engineering / Mechanical Design / Manufacturing Consulting field. I started this post under “Gadgets” because I like the idea that we inspectors are always on the lookout for tools and or ideas that make our profession not only easier, but more safe as well. I want to offer my services to aid in the design and manufacture of any new tool, or development of an idea that you all may need some help with. If you have any ideas, and think I can be of service to you, feel free to contact me via this board, PM, or e-mail me at: Your confidential, and proprietary ideas will ALWAYS be safe with me. As proof, I offer that before leaving my prior profession I held a TOP SECRET clearance. So if the U.S. Government can trust me, so can you. I look forward to offering any help that I can.

Eric Harden
First Choice Inspection Services Inc.

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What branch of the government did you work for?

Joe Myers

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I had and still have DOD Top Secrete and more…the guy’s I worked with had the same clearances. Even though most of them were great. The upper management group were more deviouse then a badger in a chicken nursury.

I just had to get that off my checst.
I'm sorry if that was a low blow about the goverment. It wasn't directed at you. The norm is a high regard for the worker bees and a low regard for the sidewinders that manage those facilities.

And I do have some ideas I might take you up on regarding gadgets I think could be helpful as investions.