Galvanic reaction

I haven’t come across this in awhile, so I though I’d post a picture.


Any water and pressure in that pipe? I’d say, she’s about to blow.

The culpret seems to be the line coming in from the bottom in the pic. Is this line going anywhere?

You’re kidding right?

Nothing to worry about just add more tape good lord you guys are picky lolol.

I find that every week! I honestly do. I can post pics.

Um…yea…I really dont think that the tape would be an issue

More tape please…

Just think of the extra iron your getting too , Lets be positive ok

I just found galvanic reaction on all copper water pipe connections where a J-hook or a nail strap was used. See pic.

I think they used a carbon steel hanger here normally used on conduit. My client is thinking he may want to replace all of the copper water pipes. I have never seen this before so I would like to see if other inspectors have had this problem too.

The internet has a lot on galvanic corrosion. One place suggest that the copper pipe is the cathode and the carbon steel hanger is the anode and the anode is the sacrificial part. If this is the case, replacement may not be necessary. The home is only 13 years old.

What do you all think?

Replace the hanger it should be fine