Galveston Inspectors

Question … For any Galveston area inspectors.

I’ll be in that area over Thanksgiving for a week for family outing.

None of the family actually live there … All from several states away.

Got any idea of typical weather at that time of year.

Any … Don’t miss places OR eateries there.

Galveston is an amazing town if you are interested in the history behind it. I have not been there in a few years. The last time I went, it was sad to see that much of it had not been rebuilt since the last big hurricane. After a huge hurricane in the early 1900’s, the whole island, including churches, courthouses, (really large buildings in their time) along with homes, were raised in some placed as much as 15 feet.

Another interesting but very little publicized tidbit of information about Galveston. The City of Galveston opted out of collecting Social Security from its employees. Instead replacing it with a private system. This was not too awfully ling ago in the 80s. Back then there was no law against it. Congress quickly got a bill out to prevent it from happening across the country in other municipalities. You can read about it, and the opinions in the articles are very opinionated. Truth is however that the average retire from Galveston’s privatized Social Security faired really well and the money was theirs even after they died.