Gap in Soffit

Check out the gap where these two pieces of soffit meet. Would you write this up or just let it go? Thanks in advance for the feedback.


Recommend sealing to keep bugs out.

There should be a piece of trim in there. Something like an H channel. Yes I would write it up as the soffit will sag over time.

Not to mention those cute little fuzzy squirels.:smiley: :smiley:

Air exhaust and intake openings that terminate outdoors shall be protected with corrosion-resistant screens, louvers or grilles having a min. opening of 1/4 " and max. opening of 1/2" in any dimension. I would think a vented soffit fits this category.
I would write it up.

All openings should be sealed to help prevent intrusion of pests

The appropriate channel could have been installed if this wasn’t cut at a 45 degree angle.