Garage Clean-up Unveils Long Forgotten Tools

Alright, who wants to clean them up so I can get a good price for them?:wink:

The youngest plane in there is the rabbit plane at 45 years old.

a jointer plane belonged to my Father and must be 50-60 years old.

I got to clean them up and find the pat. #s to date them properly.

Not going to use them, so probably sell them on ebay or something.

how much do you want for them if you leave them dirty?

Marcel, I am in the Bath area tomorrow, Monday on vacation. Are you free to meet this NH inspector for lunch.

I have Therapy in Waterville till 9:30 and a Dental appointment at 3:00, so if we can do it in between that would work. Bath is an hour away for me. :slight_smile:

Marcel, just tell me where you want me and I’ll meet you there. I’m over in Phippsberg. Let’s meet maybe 11:30 or noon if that works.

How about the Augusta area, so I am not so far from my 3:00 appointment.?

Give me an address and I’ll be there. I’m on vacation and have no where to be…

Olive Garden 205 Civic Center Drive Augusta.

Right off 95. I’ll meet you there at 11:30. :slight_smile:

great…See You then. I’ll be the big guy…6’6" tall…weight not disclosed.

I’ll be the short old guy in a grey GMC Canyon. :slight_smile:
cell # 207-314-1775

When I picked up a radon monitor yesterday I started talking with the homeowner about his tools. He has a large collection of antique wood and metal planes, hand drills, saws etc… He belongs to a tool club.

I mentioned your post and he said you should not clean them if you want to sell.

He has all of his stuff for sale. He is downsizing.

Guess I am just a sentimental kind of guy…but I wouldn’t think of selling a tool that has been in the family that long. Love the tools though.

me too. they will all be my sons problem to store someday lol

This is too funny I was just chatting a while ago tonight and told someone i like old tools. He has car stuff but the older the better for me as far as interest goes. The history of them is amazing, they truly built our world as we see it. just think from a Rock to Todays tools.