Garage door disaster ready to happen

I found this yesterday. The center support for the garage door opener was loose and held in place with two bent nails. Talking about a disaster ready to happen.

With the torsion on that spring you would have thought it would have already let go. That is a ton of pressure for those two nails.

I agree ! I pulled the plug on the opener and told both the client and the realtor not to open that door until that was fixed.

Looks like they’re getting ready to have a very exciting event.

Great catch Roy.

How long are the lag bolts in the bracket? It also looks like there is a lag bolt next to the bracket. The nails were probably used to hold the block in place while the installer drilled and bolted it. A lot of guys don’t remove the temp nails. I think it’s much ado about nothing, or else it would have failed already.


Since 1992 …Nope!
Are you telling me that you would lets this go by?
Hell NO! I have seen this as a very great safety hazard.

Without seeing the lags behind that board and knowing what they are screwed into, I couldn’t argue either way.

The only thing confidence inspiring in what I see is the cobwebs and apparent time that it has survived the way that it is. I don’t think I would declare that I was saving lives by calling it out - we reserve that claim for bubbles on outdoor gas meters.

Now, now, just because you got the Gerry B Award doesn’t mean you can pull the plug!
They have two (2) nails holding that plate and its not going anywhere…


At least it’s an easy fix.

Gently tap in with 2lb hammer.
Get a hammer drill and pop in a couple of lag bolts.

Pull the plug? Isn’t most of the stress on the side brackets? If that came loose it would just spin a little till it stopped.