Garage door inspection video


And for those that like checklists to help them remember:

Check out the rest of this site as they list manuals for almost all openers and a host of other useful information.

I still refuse to use a 2 x 4 to test with.:smiley:

Interesting that they don’t mention checking for proper drive chain tension adjustment for drive chain equipped openers. Seems to be a common installation/maintenance problem.

I incorporated their inspection checklists and verbage into my HomeGauge templates. Been using them for about a year now. I charge an extra $50.00 for garage inspections now and haven’t had a complaint about the extra price after I tell the client what is involved in the inspection process.

I also incorporated the automated vehicular gate checklists too. Good information and helps you prevent missing something on those types of inspections. I don’t have a lot of garage door inspections here in Philly because houses don’t normally have garages. The inspections out in the suburbs though, the checklist help keep me on track and I go right down the list. Having it in HomeGauge now allows me to write detailed narratives of the defects I find instead of just having a pass fail checkbox.

Thanks. I didn’t realize that they had a gate checklist too. Been using the Garage door operator protocol for a while now, but the gate checklist is new to me.

Heres a link to the automated vehicular gate checklists for anyone else who wants it too

Nice! Thanks,I’ll use some of that in my reports. Had most of it already.

Here is a HomeGauge 4 template for both garage doors and automated gate systems you can add to your templates. Be sure to read the CYA sections for a description of what each section requires.

Garage Doors & (168 KB)