Garage Door NOA please

Hey everyone - I recently had an inspection done and my front door and Garage Doors were flagged as not having the right stickers. Can anyone help with the Miami Dade NOA for the following?

  1. Benchmark II Front Door
  2. Stanley Garage Door - Dade County Approval 94-0516.17

Thanks in advance!

I remember hearing a few years ago that all Stanley garage doors were somehow purged from the NOA system. For the Benchmark Door (Thermatru), more information is needed, and without an testing sticker, not much can be done. Are you in the HVHZ?

I’m sort Ido not know what HVHZ is.

Ok just looked it up. I’m in Weston fl


In case you do not know that is the High Velocity Hurricane Zone. What city/county do you live in?

Yep HVHZ what year was the home built and is door original?

Original doors

Zen, if your are unable to get the info on here the City of Weston will have it on file, although they may have to order it from records, and may take a few days. It doesn’t matter if the NOA was subsequently pulled, just that it was valid at the time of construction. However the garage door may not be in full compliance as the door most likely wasn’t impact tested. However they were in full compliance with the code at the time.

The problem with just submitting the sticker that says DCA with a NOA number, is providing the actual NOA…it does not exist anymore. I think most underwriters know this about Stanley Doors and will likely deny it as impact rated.

Have any of you guys have had one denied. I have not.

Go to the building department and get the print out for the doors. I have done this. The drawings are included and it says right on them, “impact rated” high velocity zone.

Those doors are so common, I have the noa’s saved to my desk top! Lol. Call my office to set up wind MIT . 305-759-4587

I heard he is just trying to give them to the insurance company or the inspector because he did not get credits deserved on the first inspection.

It wasn’t me :slight_smile:

Yes, and everyone of them has the sticker painted over! :slight_smile:

The benchmark is raised engraved and the stanley is so unique it cannot be mistaken.

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