Garage door opener WHATSIT?

What is this thing connected to the garage door opener? The opener had all the standard (and functioning) safety devices. It also had this attached to the ceiling, pointing to the front wall about 12 inches from the ground. There was a flashing red (laser?) light that would occasionally blink at the wall.

Some kind of device to tell when they’ve pulled in far enough, and to stop? Haven’t seen one like that, though. Harry Homeowner/Inventor?

I see them in some high end homes.

Parking sensor.

Have you seen one like Mark describes? How does it work? I have seen many, but not like this.

975LM Laser Parking Assist by Liftmaster$22.95975LM Laser Parking Assist by Liftmaster
•Works with Liftmaster operators only
•Laser Parking Accessory
•This innovative new accessory is designed to help you park in the right spot every time
•Simple installation
•Works automatically – the red dot from the laser turs on automatically, letting you know exactly where to stop
•Up to two laser parking accessories will work with each garage door opener
975LM Liftmaster Laser Parking Assist, installation instructions

Thanks for the info Mike. According to the install instructions, the one Mark observed is installed incorrectly.

When I see them they are directly in front of each stall.

Not sure if the one that Mark shows will work as intended.

I’m not sure either. But thanks Mike. Neither my client nor the agent had a clue as to what it was either… I’ve got to send them their radon report today, and I’ll also send them these operating instructions. I’m sure they will appreciate it.