Garage Door Opener

DSC00406a.jpgIs this wrong?


It’s only wrong if you don’t find terminaly stupid acceptable :wink:

It amazes me how many times I get to see variations on that theme



This house had many other terminaly stupid things done to it. It took longer to do this inspection, I had to stop to laugh too many times.

Thats so his pet spider is safe

In many subdivisions they use one home to store some of the construction equipment in they put the eyes in the air so the workers can get out after hitting the close button.
Many over the years have not bothered to put them in there correct spot 8 inches of the floor.
I have found two and tell the people how they must move them down.
I write this in my report I also find many doors to the home do not close tight automaticly Write hard.
… Cookie

This guy is a landscaper or something based on the equipment he had. I could see the screw holes in the drywall in the proper place. I think this guy should stick to working outside. Well maybe not even that, he had mulch piled up 3 to 4 inches higher that the vinyl siding.
I don’t know how some people can get through life with this mentality.

Pound for pound, if that was the worst type of problem that I will stuggle with through life, I’ll rejoice.:wink:

This is the same guy who upgraded his 100 amp panel with a 200 amp panel without changing the 4awg service cables.

be careful with the jokes, i get negged for jokin with these dumb bastards