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One has to remember that a garage door opener does not " lift" a garage door. Technically it removes enough weight off off the door to allow the springs to do the lifting. comments like “,what if the door cable slips ?” are sort of silly since this would be a problem occuring from poor garage door maintenance, regardless of where the opener is attached. The side mount as portrayed is perfectly suitable as long as the garage door is maintained and is checked for correct balance on a timley manner as per the manufacturers instructions. This inspection needs to be preformed on any door that has an opener installed, in any position. Doors without openers are check constantly mearly by their being manually lifted by the owner. A slipped drum, broken spring, worn rollers and an out of adjustment door can be hidden by the ability of the opener to work overtime. A garage door should be easily operated by anyone, and if properly balance should hold itself up at about three foot off the ground. I hope this helps.

It does. Thanks Mack.

Most garage doors work on a spring loaded bar. So when you pull the release it should go up about three feet. The motor only helps it go all the way to the bottom or completely open no matter where it is located on the door assembly.

KW, please provide any documentation to support your claim

imo, a properly balanced garage door should not travel on its own and should remain closed once disengaged from a garage door operator

if the door does move unaided it is improperly installed and requires adjustment by a qualified & competent professional installer (these must be very rare based on the number of doors i write up as having one or more deficiencies)

just in case someone needs an industry compliant inspection guide

Must be only at your “House of Wisdom”. WTF are you on???

When you pull the release handle it should move up some go as far as 3 feet. I don’t know about all the garage doors but the ones I have released when ever I did moved up about three 3 and dropped back down to 2 feet when under load. To tell you the truth I am not sure if this is correct. I have no trouble closing or opening a garage door with this kind of torsion. I have seen ones that where next to impossible to open because there was very little torsion. I think this is a touch and feel aspect that only Garage Door Installers will know.
I would think the installers can pin point what is perfect.

When you find out let us all know. I would like to have this info also.

Something is wound too tight if the garage door pops up 3 ft. when the opener catch is released.

Hey Kev is a CMI, give him a break.

Ok since no one will comment on what is normal I asked and this is the answer. It should stop at about three 3 feet, so if you pull the handle and the door opens it should stay balanced at 3 feet. According to norm a child should be able to open the door with ease.
I said it usually drops to 2 feet and this is a result of springs getting weaker IMO.

Says who?

More info.
An unbalanced door will feel heavy or too light when it is in the manual mode, If it is to light you might have the wrong garage door springs or the spring is just too tight. There should be about 7.5 full turns on each spring for a 7 foot door… 1 foot per foot of door height and .5 turns for cable tension on top. If the springs relaxed a little bit over time you might add a quarter turn to a half of a turn on each spring to achieve a good balance. Good balance, means that your garage door seems weightless when it is opened and closed.

Please show us where 3 ft. is called out as the appropriate level when the opener is released.

I expect better info from a CMI than his personal opinion.

Even your link calls for light and balanced.

Interesting I just found out that some are as high as 6 feet.

And still you have provided no proof. :roll:

That does not square with this:

Man oh man Kevin, where do you get this information?

I’ve installed garage doors all my life and I will tell you what, if a door drops to the floor or pops up 3’ when you disingage the operator, you have problems with that door.
The operator will not last very long with a load like that.
Time for you to do so reading about garage doors. :slight_smile:

So can a child open your perfectly adjusted doors Marcel?

Kevin. We all make mistakes and misstatements.

Just admit it and move on.

It’s important that correct information gets passed on here for the many that read but don’t post.