Garage door opens to master bath

Hi All,

Looking for some input. In the home I inspected today the home owner framed in a door from the garage to the master bathroom, which is directly off the master bed. Obviously, a garage door cannot open to a sleeping room but what about the bathroom attached to a sleeping room? I’m inclined to say no.

Like I said, looking for some input. Thanks for the help and I hope everyone is having a good year so far.


Not sure about the bathroom aspect. But did the Homeowner at least use a fire rated door assembly? That’s the other half of the equation.

Yep, fire rated door and weather stripped. The story I heard was the home owner did this so he could have access to the laundry room that is in the garage.

Change the layout. Door from garage that opens into hallway from which you enter the bedroom.

Is there a door between the bedroom and bathroom? If so, I wouldn’t treat it any different than the scenario above.

Interesting way to look at it. Yes, there is a door from the master bed to the master bath. However, this thought comes to mind. Water heaters are restricted from the bathroom because of the possibility of asphyxiation, at least that’s my understanding. Wouldn’t that also be a risk if the bathroom door opens to the garage and isn’t that why we don’t want doors between the garage and a sleeping room?

The rule is no door from the garage to a room used for sleeping. While I have been known to fall asleep “driving the bus to Cleveland”, I don’t make a habit of sleeping in the bathroom. Don’t over think all the “what ifs” or you too could find yourself “driving the bus”. :wink:

I don’t know about your area, but a fire rated door isn’t required here. There are three options and a fire rated door is only one of them.

Cool. Thanks for the input and helping me talk it out.

Yes… but here’s a snippet to clarify. Would seem that some changes from '09 to '12 were made, but IRC is now closer to our model codes in California.