Garage door safety beams

I saw this in an attic this week:shock:

garage door beams in the attic.jpg


Did the safety reverse work when you tested the overhead door?

Years ago when the contractor was building a bunch of homes they would take the first home garage and turn it into Equipment 'Tools storage area for all .
Workers had a key and they Took the Safety Beams and bolted them to the rafters so the did not get damaged or lost .
Looks like the ceiling was sealed before they where installed .

Good info Roy. That makes sense. It was probably installed before the drywall.
They have a new opener with new beams at this house now:cool:

They had a new opener now with new beams.

But up until last year they had been living dangerously since 1984 when the house was built:grin:

I find these all over the place. They tick people off so they install them facing each other on the wall, the ceiling, both on one side…

Wrong! Those sensors didn’t come into play until 1993.