Garage door sensor

How would you report a detached garage with a commercial garage door with no auto-reverse or sensor installed?

Do commercial door openers come with safety sensors or auto-reverse features?

What method did you use to check for the presence of a force reverse feature?

I would write it up regardless of the age but here is more info:

Effective August 29, 2010, Underwriters Laboratories mandated that all commercial door operators bearing the UL label must be equipped with continuously monitored safety devices, such as photo sensing edges, that will detect and reverse the door if a person or object enters the path of the door.

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Residential Inspection or Commercial?
A Garage at a Residential Site… Inspect and Report as Residential…
Let someone else say you are wrong (and assume the Liability).

Visual inspection and confirmation by owner. He questioned installation company when he had it installed and they said commercial door openers don’t have sensors/auto-reverse features.

My thoughts as well Joe. It is a safety concern for individuals at the property.

My experience with Commercial Doors (stores, warehouses, etc…)
is the Operating switch is adjacent to the door.
Opening and Closure requires physical attendance and observation of the opening and closure.
A commercial door… in a residential application… operating as a Residential door…needs to function as a Residential door…

Curious what is a commercial garage door???

If it installed at a residential unit it is residential.