Garage door

Two questions:

  1. I know garage door springs require safety cables but do the single over the door torsion springs for garage doors require safety cables as well.

  2. What is maximum height for the photo-electric devices. I called one out as too high. That one must have been at least 3’ high. When checking these devices out, it was nice to have the real estate do her can-can dance.

#1 Check with manufacturer–it depends on the age and type of equipment. Some of the older ones required safety cables–newer ones don’t.

#2 4" to 8" – varies with AHJ.

3’ is a bit much, though…

Usually the torsion bar acts as a retainer.

If your AHJ won’t answer about the height, refer to the manufacturers instructions.


Those were good safety tips that we can not advertize enough to protect the general HomeOwner and protect the little ones.

Good posts.

Marcel :slight_smile:

I agree with Blaine, the torsion bar in the “over the door” torsion springs will act as a retainer should the spring break.