Garage entry door - wind mit

I’m having a rather intense exchange with an architect. The architect has told the client the entry door into the garage does not have to be impact rated. The garage is attached to the house with the same roof. He agrees the window needs to be impact rated and the garage door but for some reason he insists the entry door doe not. The entry door is an “old Florida” aluminum door with the crank out windows.

Apparently one of us is smoking something - I don’t smoke.

So the door is one of those jalousie crank windows job?

Yes it is.

This guy is Koo Koo for Cocoa Puffs.
It is an unprotected glazed opening.
Nothing else to “exchange” with him, you are done :cowboy_hat_face:


Thank you - just wanted reassurance I guess.

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Is that an industry term? lol

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