garage/house firewalls

What year did it become code for most all states to have firewalls placed b/t garage/house?

It really doesn’t matter. Note whether it’s there or not and recommend it for enhanced safety.

It’s been a long while Bob…like Larry said doesn’t really matter just point it out as a safety concern if it doesn’t exist…jim

1927 503.a requires one hour fire rated material at the wall adjoining the dwelling.

What about if the house is brick? We have brick houses with carports. Then some one turns the carport into a garage. They do not put drywall on the house side brick, and usually the ceiling is just painted wood like when it was a carport.

Carport conversion would be an AHJ issue and may/probably requires a permit…nonpermitted work would be noted in the report as such…

Brick would be an acceptable material if all other penetrations in the wall are converted to a one hour rating, i.e. windows and attic/crawlspace access doors. Also need that 20 min. self-closing firerate door to dwelling. In my area I see alot of unpermitted work and the buyers seem to accept it as long as the work was pereformed to code.