Garage metal roof

First metal garage roof of this type I have seen.

What is the life expectancy?

Any requirements if any on flashings, underlayment or drip edges?

I noticed some rusted flashing and fasteners. It also seems to be poorly installed, sealed at rakes, fascias and siding. Looks like wind driven rain can enter the openings of the metal roof.

Any information would be appreciated.

157810 020 (Small).jpg

157810 012 (Small).jpg

157810 031 (Small).jpg

157810 014 (Small).jpg

Life expectancy is variable depending on gauge, paint quality, metal, etc. and can be from 15 years to 50 years, or so.

It looks like a amateur job where they put sheets on the roof without consideration of trim pieces (edge trim, transition trim, ridge trim, etc.)

Here if some info:

A bad amateur.

At least it comes with a guarantee…to leak. Amateur at best.

Doesnt it look like its installed backwards?

That’s how I see it. How could it drain properly running horizontal?