Garage Overhead door meet FL standards?

Hey FL guys! Can you help me out?

Will the following meet the necessary requirements that are needed in FL for replacing my Mom’s garage overhead door (IE: wind, impact resistance and whatever else is needed)?

See below for specs:

               **Doors:** **Amarr – Stratford 2000 Series: ****25**Ga. Hot-Dipped galvanized steel skinw/ Vinyl Back EPS (Expanded Polystyrene) Foam inserts, 6.84 R-Value.  Raised Panel Designs, Torsion Springs, White PVC – Vinyl Door-Stop Molding, Bottom Astragal Weather-Seal.  25-Year Ltd. Factory Warranty on Door Sections, Paint finish & 2-Year Warranty on Hardware.  Doors come factory-finished white, additional paint can be applied. Oil Base paints are not allowed. Refer to Amarr painting instructions for more information. 

Wind-Load: ** Wind-Load: 168 MPH Exposure Category “B” Enclosed Structure. **Engineer Shop Drawing# IRC-6009-130-15-I. Design Wind Pressures (PSF): +26.7 / -31.6. Test PSF = 150% of Design PSF. Impact Resistant. FL# 13521

I appreciate any accurate help, as I know nothing of the requirements being from MI, myself.


Yes meets all requirements. you can check by the FL # at

Good Luck

Thank you, Michael. I really appreciate the help!
Larry :slight_smile:

No Sweat. Glad I could help.