Garage pet door

I know this questions been asked before… but could not find in a search.

A small, cat sized pet door between finished basement and garage. Plexy glass with rubber seal. Kinda disrupts the whole firewall thing-correct?
So would replacement with drywall patch,tape and 1 coat mud take care of problem?(in most areas)
I vote yes-but it’s late and I really don’t want to do this report tonight:)

If you patch the wall opening as you suggested, the patch has to overlap the opening on both sides of the wall (basement and garage). What I suggest to people to do is to put the overall on the inside of the wall by installing short pieces of drywall around the opening. This creates a backing that you can install the bigger patch onto.

Now, if the pet door is in a fire rated door, the door is no longer fire rated and needs to be replaced. This is of course is up to the new owner. They can leave it alone if they choose to.

If the pet door is in the garage side access door and is big enough for a large dog to go through, I call it out as a safety hazard only because a burgular can crawl it to get access to the inside of the house.

I always recommend replacement of the door. As for “repairs,” the drywall might work, but I would suggest sheet-metal.

The pet door was in the wall, sorry I didn’t make that clear-it was a late night.
Thanks for your replies.