Garage Tire Stop

Well are there any National requirements?

I know for sure once the bumper penetrates the drywall you’ve gone too far !!!:roll:

As a safety device, there absolutely **should **be.

Brian, National requirements that I know of is Brakes.

My wife drives the car inches from my small refrigerator and I can’t open the door.

Hang a golf ball on a string from the ceiling so it hits the hood when driving in, so that way they won’t hit the Beer Cooler. ;):):):):slight_smile:

Marcel :):smiley:

ever think she might be doing that on purpose Marcel ???women are a sneaky lot…

;):pWell, now you might have a good point Jim.

Marcel :):smiley:

turn that sucker 90 deg and take a break.:smiley:

No national requirements. Although local codes or jurisdictions may require it. :smiley:

told You !!!:):p:D

And here I thought you were a “What is a tire stop” guy Jim. ;):cool:

Question/Poll is somewhat vague. Only one I can think of is a pylon/pillar type device to protect mechanical equipment in the garage. Furnace/Water heater

Maybe…Does anyone have a copy of the 1984 BOCA codes? What does 608.1 say? I have been led to believe that section did address this topic. That code has since been superseded by ICC codes that do not have the step-down requirement but if a home had been built under BOCA during that time frame then the answer might be yes.

I suppose the question would have to be read “Were there any national requirements” for the answer to be yes though.

further comments

I just watch for my tool box along the wall to move after a few beverages, then I know I can put it in park!!! Works for me…

Exactly Michael. :smiley: