garage vehicle doors

What is with the Styrofoam wedges at the vehicle doors?

Are they for keeping the insulation panels in place? Or are there parts missing for the panel supports?
Seems like there would be clips for this.

152710 025 (Small).jpg

152710 022 (Small).jpg

Looks like they bought a non-insulated door and are trying to keep the panels from rattling around.

While many garage doors have a core, there are still plenty that are single layer that have no core; often older, less expensive units. I have seen doors in Northern climates where foam or EPS (expanded polystyrene form) has been added to add some R-value (~R-4 / inch). The quality of the foam will determine it resistivity to heat flow, of course. If foam is used, it is equally important the edges are sealed as well…just like in a home, gaps quickly defeat the purpose.

Jeff Tatlock
BEACHSIDE Home Inspection

Up here exposed foam is not allowed in a garage.