Garmin Update Sale on now

Hi all,

I just updated my garmin maps as Garmin is having a 20.00 off sale until the 15th. Just wanted to give a heads up!


If I ever buy antoher stand alone GPS it will be one that includes lifetime free map updates.

They are available for far less than $150.

I figure my next vehicle will have one built in. But hopefully that won’t be for awhile…

$69 on ebay.

All the ones I have come with lifetime updates .
Did you see if yours was free before you paid?
Go get the Webupdater it will let you know.

With the exception of a higher end unit, why would anyone ever pay for map upgrades ever again? It’s less expensive to purchase a new unit in many cases!

I have no idea.

I have a shiny new Galaxy S4 with a 5" screen and unlimited data plan

Why do I need another device?

I have a separate unit in one of the cars but there really is no need when all drivers in this house own smart phones. :wink:

That is exactly why no one should be paying for map upgrades. Competition from the smart phone industry took away that cash cow. Give free LM or die!

Last Fathers day one of my sons got me a Garmin with the free lifetime upgrades. Very handy.


Your GPS is nothing more than a hard drive. Download the latest maps from any torrent site and install yourself for nothing. Takes a little time since the files are usually around 4GB.

That’s illegal !
The Pirate Bay !

He is on our ethics committee I think…:slight_smile: