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Get the professional training you need without ever leaving your office… ITC’s exciting new 24/7 Online Courses offer students the opportunity to take high-quality professional courses and earn ITC credits, without the need to travel or even be out of the office. When you register for a 24/7 online course, you’ll receive a user name and password giving you access to course material online, as well as to the course test. For the time period detailed in each course description, the course is available to you at your convenience - you can take the exam and, upon successful completion, print your own certificate of completion. All you need to participate is access to the Internet.

T Series Basics (including B200/250, B360/400)
Description: This course will introduce you to the FLIR Systems T Series infrared camera and infrared thermography applications. This includes information on all the T series variants including T200/250, T360/400, B200/250, and B360/400.

We will discuss the controls of the camera as well as the user interface, and show you how to operate your camera and your report and analysis software. This course also includes lessons on IR thermography, IR science, and heat transfer. All of these subjects are necessary to allow you to properly interpret images.

You’ll also see real-world examples of electrical, mechanical, facility maintenance, overall condition monitoring applications, and building applications! For T Series users, this class can help you get the most out of your investment.

Course Highlights - you’ll learn: - Expert tips on IR camera operation and report generation - Basic science you need to understand thermography - Conditions you need for a good survey - Basics of thermal image interpretation

Who should take this course: This course is intended for users of the FLIR Systems T Series infrared camera or anyone interested in purchasing one.

Prerequisites: This course is designed for T Series users. No prior knowledge of thermography or the T Series is required.

Internet Connection: A high speed (cable, DSL, etc.) connection is required to take this course. A dialup connection is too slow.

Availability: This course is a self paced web based training course available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can begin as soon as you enroll.

Tuition: FREE (a $299 USD value) for a limited time.

ITC Certification Renewal Credits: 5 credits

Time to Complete: About 3.5 hours

Link to the course home page:

Gee BA I know some people that won’t like that free STUFF:D:D:D:D

Good find. Thanks.

Good stuff! :smiley: Thanks for the heads up Barry.

Excellent Barry

Hey Barry,
You beat me to it. I just received the same email.
Thanks for posting it.

FLUKE and FLIR have been offering free online courses on their sites,
like this, for a long time. Nice to see ITC offering some now. When the
lake rises, it floats everyone’s boat. Good find Barry.

itc has offered them for a long time too. Even back when I first got certified they had some but it was delivered in a different format then. Probably the most important thing is that just by sitting through these little courses it gives you credit for your recertification. I don’t know if it is the same for the building science as the others so be sure to check the back of your course book about that.

OJ Utter

Nice. I got my level 1 from ITC. Thanks.

I completed the BCAM Basics today…Good course.

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OJ, ITC Building Science doesn’t require continuing ed or re-certification to my knowledge. The BS course is continuing education for the other levels I-III though.

ITC Building Science requires 32 hours of qualified CE to recertify every 5 years.
Level I, II, III are accepted as continuing education for BS certified thermographers.

That’s correct every 5 years