Gas Air Conditioning

Can someone give me the “condensed” version (no pun intended) on how this type of system operates? I’ve heard about them, but never really expected to see one. . .



I do not know how to explain in short form. There is a downloadable paper (pdf) on this website that tells it pretty concisely (pages 12-13).

Thanks Doug. . .

I can make it really condensed Jeff
It is the same principle as the little gas fired refrigerator in your RV if you have one. A burner heats the solution that travels to the evaporator which in turns cools the evap does not make sense does it but it works great.

The proper term would be absorption

I understand absorption. I just don’t quite grasp how/why the burner makes this more efficient. It seems backwards to me.

I’ll be reading up on it this weekend. I refuse to be stumped by this again :mrgreen:

You are boiling a liquid bromide and creating a vapor that actually travels into the evaporator; simple theory until the liquid solidifys then not only do you have no cooling but a mess.

I have had to pull the little RV units out of their enclosure and turn them up side down to deslidify and this does not always work depends on how soon it is detected.
I think the efficiency is in the eyes of the MFG not necessarily the beholder.

Just my thoughts

Probably selected/installed ‘back in the days’ when gas was a LOT cheaper!