Gas Appliance Protection in Garage...

Does anyone know the earliest mention of the following code in the IRC?

M1307.3.1 Protection from impact. Appliances located in a garage or carport shall be protected from impact by automobiles.

I inspected a home built in 1999 and the seller is disputing code… imagine that!

Thanks folks!


Check your local code dept it is not in forced here

If you are not the AHJ and you are telling a buyer of a “code violation” that causes them to walk from the deal…you may have just bought yourself a house.

If there isn’t a pole or bollard, why not just mention that it’s not there and you recommend it’s installation for the FAU, WH or Dryer … As it’s a required item.

We recommend installing GFCI’s in a home’s kitchen that was built in 1950, whether you want to say it was or wasn’t a required item at the time a home was built… dunno.

We also let our clients know that neither they or the seller are required to do anything we mention/report, providing a contrary premise to our services may leave our clients "ill served". On a slim chance, your AHJ may require this if a certain $$ amount of work was done… but I really doubt it, although I’m basing my *****umption on the areas I’m familiar with. Call 'em (AHJ) and ask. But many things in the building code are not retro active…

What JB said about code, is something I agree with.

It isn’t me quoting the code, its the Real Estate Agent that slept in a Holiday Inn Express last night. Our standard answer to something like this is “we do not do code inspections. if we find something that we consider a safety issue, we report it to our clients as such.” I was just curious. Further investigation found it to be in 2001. Thanks for the input fellas!