Gas boiler and WH in kitchen?

Hey folks,
So at an inspection today the 96kBTU boiler and water heater were located in a closet in the kitchen. Both chimney-vented, behind solid (not louvered) doors, all combustion air from the living space. Even if the doors are removed or louvered, or the appropriate ventilation is provided from the exterior (with sealed doors and self-closing hinges), can these appliances be located in the kitchen?

I’ve been pouring over the codes, but can’t find anything prohibiting the kitchen location. Can someone help me out?

As far as I know the only prohibited place for gas appliances other than small approved space heaters is bedrooms. If I really need to know I call the local AHJ and ask.


We have a few billion homes here that still have the water heater and furnace in the kitchen. All of them were built before World War II, and slowly but surely they are being renovated with both appliances being re-located.

I would recommend a CAZ test and combustion test if your not certified to do so yourself. I did an inspection yesterday with a similar set up and found the water heater was backdrafting into the home after performing a CAZ test. A lot of those older homes have been tightened up and had improvements that will create a dangerous environment.

And bathrooms, at least in the USA.