Gas by Orlando Airport

When I stopped for lunch yesterday I couldn’t believe my eyes. I had to go out to the pump to see if that was really what they were charging. They had a big bus parked in front of the sign so you couldn’t see it from the road. Be sure to fill up your rental car before you get close to the airport.

Yea and if you return it on empty this is where the rental company will say they took it to re-fill!

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Why would they be in jail? They can charge what ever they want.

I bet those gas stations are either owned by the airport or the rental car companies.

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I have never understood “price gouging”.

No one is forced to by the gas.

Does your attorney general limit what you can charge for you services?

Good to know. Will flying for the NACHI convention.

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The problem I have with your statement is that the price of something should be controlled by demand not government.

In your example of Walmart not being allowed to raise the price of bottled water when bad weather approaches, how many people will get no water as the hoarders show up and buy it all.

It works both ways.

Government has no business controlling prices.

I was around during the Nixon wage and price control era

It didn’t work. It did cause shortages.

Government has no ability to determine the correct price for anything.

The free market is much more efficient when left to it self.

Manufactures and retail outlets find ways around “price gouging” during hurricane season, at least in my area, which is 1,000 mile from the nearest hurricane region.

Wood sheathing, roofing material, electrical and plumbing supplies, etc. all go up. And if/when a hurricane actually hits, they skyrocket.

Manufacturers will claim there’s a shortage of supplies, when this is rarely true.

They want their product available. Raising the price helps that happen.

We live in an era of just in time delivery.

Very few mfgs. warehouse product to sit around unsold waiting for the need.

The supply chain is finely tuned for anticipated need and very little more.

Adjusting prices when non standard events occur assures that chain does not break down and ripple through the economy and gives the mfgs. time to increase production if extraordinary need crops up without disrupting the normal supply chain.

It also prevents you from getting a truck and filling it up with plywood and heading south to sell it at even higher prices.

I know a guy who did that with generators. He was arrested for price gouging.

It’s stupid to have anti price gouging laws.

They only exist because some politician wanted to save us from something.

It’s their nature.:frowning:

In the end it doesn’t work.

Michael, when hundreds of thousands or even millions of people are severely impacted by a major disaster, price gouging is highly illegal in Port St. Lucie and all of FL.

That is one of the few times that the gov’t actually does something right. Do you really think it’s ok to jack gas prices when millions of folks are bumper to bumper for hours on end trying to flee Houston or New Orleans for high ground? Should you have to pay $5 for a bottle of water to drink in the hot car while miserably stuck in that traffic?

If a monster tornado completely obliterates your part of WI should you have to drive 100 mi to find affordable basic necessities?

The free market works if you let it.

Most attempts to control it fail.

And if I desperately needed gas and had to pay $10/gallon I would not complain.

I wouldn’t “like” it but would be glad it was available.

More here.

Please read it. It makes sense.

I know it make some feel better to have these laws but they are mostly counterproductive.

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I’m sorry Nathan but your arguments could be used by politicians to control almost everything.

Oh wait, they have.

All anti price gouging laws manage to do create shortages and prevent addition product from being available when it is needed.

Read the article links I posted. They explain the reality.

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