Gas Fireplace In All Electric Building

Was doing a LARGE 6th Floor Condo in a 10 Story building. been in the Building before and all appliances, fixtures, heat, etc is Electric. Got to the sitting room and discovered a Gas Starter in the Fireplace.

I’m always so glad to be in KC where resourceful minds can think up a solution to problems / Like I want a Gas Fireplace Up Here / How Can I Get it??





What did you say? I bet all the whole building is like that!!! Call Fire Marshal Bill.

Are different languages needed in KC? No, no, I got it! Larger letters are needed! :roll:

The BOLD needs to be Bolder, and the RED needs to be RED-er-er !!! :mrgreen:

And how was this “fireplace” vented?

Excellant question. If “Vent-Free”, these units are Banned in Minnesota, as well as many other states. I’m actually surprised they are still in production.


Has anyone been hurt?

OK in Wisconsin


You sure about Wisconsin? When was the last time you checked? Scroll down the page to “Legality”:

Show me the evidence of injury please.

Minnesota may be one of the very few states that disallow them Jeff but this map does not support even that.

Another source of info.

Apparently MN does allow them in communities of less than 2,500 population. Go figure.

And WI in is wide open for homes before 1980. Go figure again. :roll:

Wrong… your source…

Am looking for verification of injuries. Will post when located.

Those are equivalent statements Jeff.

They are allowed in cities of less than 2,500 in MN

Oops, you’re right. My mind threw in a “not” by mistake. Sorry.

Now Wisconsin… Allowed in homes built prior to 1980… aka… Banned in 1980.

I’m reading that as you can install one in a home built prior to 1980. :wink:

They still sell them over here.

Yes. I assume that is due to the timeframe of when modern housewrap became popular (at least in my area). Newer houses don’t breath like pre-80’s homes do… aka… drafty!

I had similar thoughts about air tightness beginning to be employed about that time frame.

I still don’t see a problem with them even in tight construction if used according to the manufacturers instructions.

When I come across them I simply make it clear that the mfgs. instructions must be followed for safe operation.

Vent ???

H-S! I don’t even store my spare full cylinders in the garage of my Fort Pierce, FL home. They and the cans of gas stay in a stand-alone shed far in the back yard with anything else flammable.

The vent-free fp may or may not be allowed, but the portable fuel source inside any habitable structure gives nightmares to firemen everywhere. Can you imagine getting in the elevator with that homeowner lugging a 20 lb cylinder?!

If that was in my area I would certainly want to exhaust all avenues to determine who installed that set up if it was contracted out by the homeowner.

Wouldn’t that tank be nice for a firefighter . Fighting a fire.
Cant fix stupid. as far as Vent free Logs great idea if you want to follow instructions but again how many have that at their finger tips on a used home. Oh yeah just disclaim and sleep easy at night .

Some info
It seems there be deaths but can not prove it .

Check out the letter posted there