Gas fireplace inspection standards

I am after inspection standards for gas fireplaces and all the related components.

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  1. Does it ignite.

  2. Does the gas leak.

  3. If a damper, does it work?

  4. Is the firebox in good condition?

  5. Is there a gas shutoff W/I 6 feet?

  6. If glass front, is it clean?

  7. Is the gas line installed on sharp edges of the firebox?

Now, on to the dining room.

I. The inspector shall inspect:
[li]and describe the fireplace;[/li][li]and open and close the damper door, if readily accessible and operable;[/li][li]hearth extensions and other permanently installed components;[/li][li]and report as in need of repair deficiencies in the lintel, hearth and material surrounding the fireplace, including the fireplace opening’s clearance from visible combustible materials.[/li][/LIST]

From International Standards of Practice for Performing a General Home Inspection - InterNACHI

Do you note discolored/darkened cladding above direct vent exhaust or if the propane bottle is less than 10 feet away from the direct vent exhaust?

I certainly would.

Would recommend they consult with the propane provider.

No source of ignition can be within 10 feet according to here. I would still just make a note that AHJ has the final say to decide.