Gas Fireplace

Excessive soot production…

What type?
Got an inside shot?

Looks like there burning wood in a non listed appliance. Maybe. Was the appliance listed and was there wood being burned.

Ive seen exterior caps like this but usually go to a gas appliance only unit.

Direct Vent Gas (Natural) fired.

I’ve observed people buring mail and private documents in their gas fireplaces. No other way to say ‘stupid’.

Some gas fireplaces are designed to burn with a more yellow flame that resembles a wood fire more than the typical blue gas flame that burns much hotter with more complete combustion and less soot.

With the yellower flame a slight amount of soot over an extended period is normal.

The one you picture appears to need adjustment to burn more efficiently.

I’m gonna go with Marc on this one. Looks like somebody is burning somethin they’re not supposed to in there!

Good one Marc…I got a chuckle:shock::lol:

I’ll go with Larry on this one. A lot of soot is created when the flame is yellow----the more yellow the more soot. (Not that both might be involved)