Gas Flue close to range hood exhaust

This building has a commercial range hood exhaust (tall one) terminating very close to the furnace flue. I have not found regs on this so I am looking to you guys. And I think there is one other defect to be found, maybe.

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Whoever told you this was considered a “Commercial Range Hood” vent?

I think it needs a little bit more monkey dung around the vents.


Aside from one burning through the other, I see only one of them that MIGHT be 2 feet above anything 10 feet away. Unless, of course the low ones are forced air vents, not flus.

There should be 16-24inches of clearance between adjacent/side-by-side metal/b-vent chimneys. You can clearly see the vent on the right is causing corrosion damage to the vent on the left. Gas exhaust is corrosive. Gas vents with a cap smaller than 12" should also be 2 feet higher than a wall/roof within 8 feet. Otherwise 2 feet over anything within 10 feet. Lastly, those roof boots have been executed sloppy at best.

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Thanks, that is what I was looking for.