Gas furnace

I rented a new 2015 Commodore manufactured home. The gas furnace is right by the 2 bedroom doors. It’s so loud that I have to turn up the TV sound. Someone told me that it’s illegal not to have a louvered door covering the furnace. All I have is the furnace itself. Can anyone advise me? The park I live in tells me that’s the way it’s supposed to be. Neighbors tell me the opposite. In New Jersey.

Where does it get the return air from ? Is the top open ? Is the room sealed with the furnace? Does it have Fresh air intake in the room if it is sealed . And last have you had a licensed heating contractor look at it ? Neighbors Unless they are heating contractors are probably not the best to ask.

Find yourself a licensed Heating contractor and have him perform a safety inspection of the furnace installation. He should be able to tell you if you can install a door over the furnace opening (to reduce the noise).