Gas furnace

I am having a problem find the answer to the question. Evidence of scorching on a gas furnace can be found everywhere except. (a) heat shield (b) condensate pump © heat exchanger face plate (d) cabinetry or cover. Also I can’t find if a condensing unit wobbles or is out of level look for (a) gyroscopic differential (b) stress on the foundation © stress on the slab (d) stress on the refridge lines. I think it should be stress on the condenser slab but can’t find it, and the other question I think its the cover or cabinetry.
any help Thanks

Pictures would help but evidence of scorching would, probably, induce me to refer it out to a qualified professional in and of itself. And, I’m not aware of a furnace that is made to “wobble”.

No picture its one of the questions on a test and I have searched everywhere in the hvac and furnaces and such and can’t find the answer. second the other question is also on a test and its about your ac condensing unit that wobbles or is out of level.

b and D I would think…

Opps, sorry. :-k#-o

think Jim’s got it. :slight_smile:

Thanks Guys!!! :slight_smile:

what its the answer?

for the condensing unit out of level?

The answer is B